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We can import/source any product according to your requirements and supply it at your doorstep. Some of the products we currently deal in:

(A). Packaging Machines

1. Bubble Film Making Machine

2. Stretch Film Making Machine

3. Cling Film Making Machine

4. Mailer Bag Making Machine

5. Pouch Making Machine

6. Rope Making Machine

7. Paper cup making Plant

For more details on Machines, visit us on -

(B). Industrial Dyes

1. Basic Dyes
2. Acid Dyes
4. Solvent Dyes

(C). Alkaline Water Ionizers

(D). Cocopeat Blocks

(E). Enameled Aluminum Wires

(F). Paper

(G). Plastic Moulds & Dyes


ATON METAL PROCESSORS PRIVATE LIMITED (Joint Venture with China Company in Delhi NCR)
We import Metal scrap from around the world and process it in our factory.

INDOSEN BUSINESS GROUP SARL (Company based in Senegal owned by us)
We export multiple products to Senegal like Cement sheets, Tire Tubes, LED Bulbs etc.